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Thread: GAME ON 2.0 exhibition in Athens, Greece

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    Default GAME ON 2.0 exhibition in Athens, Greece

    For a few months during past Winter a very interesting Expo made a stop at Athens, Greece and gave us the chance to take a look at the history of Video gaming.

    The Expo covered pretty much everything from the DEC PDP-10 to a PS3 on a 3D screen and everything in between. The best part was that almost all of the consoles/computers/cabinets were available for all to play. I spend most of my time on a Star Wars cabinet since emulation on MAME is a no go.

    The curators knew their stuff which lead to some successful pairing of consoles and games. So you could play Zelda on the NES and Tempest on the Jaguar.

    Indie games were promoted in the current-gen section as part of WiiWare, XBLA and PSN. The pinball section was a bit of a let down. There were only 3 machines and none of them was available to play.

    As far as I understand this Expo has been going around the world so maybe it will come near you in the near future.

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    I remember it being in London, so yeah, keep an eye out for it.
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    I went to the original GAME ON when it came to Dublin last year and it was definitely worth checking out. Nice to see that they have given it a spruce up and included some pinball this time.


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