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    Default Transport Tycoon

    Anybody remember this great classic sim?

    Well its been given a new lease of life in open source form and its compatable with all the latest operating systems.

    It has a similar interface to rollercoaster tycoon 1 and 2 so it is quite easy to pick up. I did actually own this game many years ago. Its great to see that it has quite a large following too people offering updates, new challenges and the online server list is huge!

    Heres the link, enjoy:

    It would be worth a mention on the next RGR show to all those who arent on here too....

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    Submit it to news!

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    This game has got to be one of my top ten PC games, i remember booting this up in DOS and playing for hours. I also came across OpenTTD a few days ago and its keeping me awake at night.


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