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What are the specs? I didn't know Nintendo had released them. All I know is that the rumors before the unveiling were that it'd be significantly more powerful than the 360 and PS3. And that Battlefield 3 is coming to the system as well.
Well of course it's going to be more powerful than 5 and 6 year old consoles ... they'd be stupid to just stick an HDMI port on a Wii and upres everything to HD this late in the game. It'll have internal flash memory ... don't know how much yet but considering it's flash memory it isn't going to be monstrous. Though that's easily upgraded with SD cards and external hard drives. Running an IBM triple-core processor and an ATI video card based off of ATI's previous generation 4000 HD series PC video cards with a gig of RAM sitting on it. Which isn't uncommon for consoles. Hell, the original Xbox had a custom Geforce 3 in it. Makes me wonder what my laptop with it's old 4250 HD would be able to do with a gig of video RAM. :P And I wonder if that's 1GB of total RAM for the entire system or JUST the video. Either way, it's still way behind.

They didn't even use the Wii U to show off Assassin's Creed and Madden and whatnot. That was footage from the 360 and PS3 to show off the experience. lol

The PC's power has nothing to fear from this console. Now if only they'd go back and actually make games taking advantage of the PC's horsepower rather than the console's old tech we'd be in business with games REALLY moving forward. The Wii U's early specs so far don't show it as being THAT MUCH more powerful than either a 360 or, more specifically, the PS3. But it is a definite welcome move up from the original Wii.

And they're ditching those stupid fuckin' friend codes. WOO!!!! lol