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Thread: 120 GB Xbox 360 hard drive for $40 on Amazon

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    Default 120 GB Xbox 360 hard drive for $40 on Amazon

    Couldn't believe this deal

    They're selling 20 GB hard drives for $30 haha
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    Yeah, considering the old Xbox 360 models are on their way out it's no surprise. But I remember paying that much for my 320GB SATA notebook hard drive a little while back. lol

    Which, when you pop the 360 hard drive out of it's encasement ... that's literally all it is.

    When my daughter dropped one of her bigger toys on my PS3 and messed up the 160GB in it, I yanked my old 20GB 360 hard drive out of it's encasement, put it in the PS3 and boom. PS3 was going again. Now that same hard drive is in my old netbook. :P
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    I swapped out a cheap 20gb hard drive that I bought for a 200 or so gb one from a laptop on my 360 and it certainly works well enough--however it doesn't let me play download Xbox games from XBox Live for some reason. Still, a lot cheaper than buying the "official" ones.


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