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Thread: Retro Computer Games Festival Mini - Aldershot, UK - 18/06/2011

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    Smile Retro Computer Games Festival Mini - Aldershot, UK - 18/06/2011

    Retro Computer Games Festival Mini - Tournament Special

    Date: 18th June 2011
    Time: 2pm till 1am
    Location: Garden Gate pub, Church Lane East, Aldershot, GU11 3BT, UK
    Web: Event
    Facebook: Event

    The latest Retro Computer Games Festival has been inspired by the excellent HISCORE event I recently attended that was organised by witchfinder.

    The tournament will consist of six games on six different systems. You need to log a score on all six games to be included on the high score rankings. Each score you achieve for a particular game will be ranked against the highest score recorded for that game on a percentage basis. For example if you have scored 5000 on a game and the high score for that game is 10000. You will have a percentage of 50% for that game. The players percentages for each game will then be added together and the highest combined percentage will determine the winner.

    You can have as many goes as you like on each game, so as to try and improve your score but if someone is waiting please let them have a turn. The tournament will run from 2pm till 9pm but you don't have to stay till 9pm if you don't want to, just make sure you've logged a score on all six games.

    To enter the tournament you just need to turn up on the day and find me (Matt). I'll give you an entry number which you'll use to log scores. Each game will have sheet to enter your scores. You enter your entry number and your score and then get another player to verify it.

    Throughout the day the scores will be entered into the database and the current rankings/scores will be displayed for each game and for the overall tournament. You can then check these and see which games you need to improve your score on.

    The six games will not be announced until the day itself. But they will all be arcade games or home conversions of arcade games.

    There will be prizes for the top three players but don't expect too much as this is all free to attend and enter!

    Of course there will be plenty of other systems to play on other than the six in the tournament and after the tournament is over we'll set up rock band and murder some songs.

    I'll add a list of systems that will be available to play soon.

    As usual Cally (my sister and the landlady) will be serving food at lunch time and early evening to keep the gaming energy levels up and to soak up the large amounts of booze that will no doubt be consumed.

    *** UPDATE 10/06/2011 ***

    Following on from the sucess of the Buzzsaw High Score competition at the last event, we will have another stand alone high score competition. I'm going to make this a regular feature of RCGF events from now on and the competition will always feature a homebrew game. The game for this event will be the excellent Sub Hunter from Psytronik Software on the Amstrad CPC 464. The game was featured in issue 89 of Retro Gamer magazine and got the very impressive score of 90%. You can get more information about Sub Hunter from the Psytronik website here: http://

    The following systems will be available to play this time around. The six games in the competition will be played on six of the following systems but I wont tell you which yet! However one hint is that none of the six games will be played on a handheld system. The remaining systems will be available for general play through the day. There will be a couple more systems that aren't listed here, as (usual) I'm still trying to get a couple of things sorted out.

    Atari 2600 (with Harmoney Cart)
    Amstrad CPC 464
    Sega Master System
    Sinclair Spectrum (with Divide Board)
    Commodore 64
    Sega Dreamcast
    Binatone Pong
    Sinclair ZX81 (with ZXpand Board)
    NEC PC-Engine
    Sharp Twin Famicom
    Neo Geo AES
    Microsoft XBox
    Sony Playstation 1 (with LCD Screen)
    Sony Playstation 2
    Sega Saturn
    Microsoft XBox 360 (for evening Rock Band)
    Atari Lynx (x2 Linked)
    Nintendo Gameboy (x2 Linked)
    Nintendo Gameboy Color (x2 Linked)
    Nintendo Gameboy Advance (x2 Linked)
    Grandstand Astro Wars
    Grandstand Scramble
    MAME Arcade Machine
    Virtua Striker Arcade Machine (with Seibu Cup Soccer playing on it)
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    Oh - I posted about that too! :-)

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