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Thread: Upscaling to modern TVs

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    Default Upscaling to modern TVs

    I was gonna submit this as a news item but decided to post instead... this looks like a decent piece of kit for solving the problems of old hardware on modern TVs. I'd like to know a little more about it and how easy / difficult it would be to make up the relevant cables for connecting your older consoles.

    And this would be a pretty cool addition to the setup:

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    Interesting, and I have read a lot about RGB mods for consoles on AV forums. Personally I use my Denon A/V receiver to handle my upscaling to 1080i, so that takes care of all of my needs except for my consoles that only have RF out. I suppose I could have someone mod them for S-Video out, but I don't like the look of molesting my consoles. The RF looks pretty decent on my LCD HDTV, so I just enjoy the fuzzies.

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    My solution was to just buy the TV that was intended to do the job. These games were designed around a 15~20in TV on average. I bought a 19" RCA 1979 model that looks great.
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    Am looking at ordering one of these in at the the end of the month and rigging up my own scart adapter for it. Will post some images when I get it up and running.

    I am currently using a Gadmei TV Tuner linked up to a 4:3 LCD monitor at the moment. It works okay for my Amiga 1200 (slightly better on RGB than RF). The picture is poor but is playable.

    I originally intended to get an indivision mod for my 1200, but since I have been tinkering around with other consoles ie N64 a bit more recently I decided to buy myself an all rounder.

    I looked into the XRGB range and couldn't find them in stock in the UK and some international stores. A quick search on YouTube brought up the items retroshaun mentioned and I was impressed.

    The sgl3000 will have to wait a couple of months though

    A slightly better scaler than the above can be found at most arcade supplies, the CGA to 2xVGA option is looking good and has favourable reviews without going down the pricey and hard to find XRGB-3 routes. The scaler mentioned by retroshaun has no YUV input as far as I can tell. At least with the scaler I mentioned you should be able to connect up a Wii, GameCube and any other console offering this type of output.

    You can buy a suitable Scart to VGA adapter with syncstripping from Maplins in the UK for 67.99, a bit pricey. Providing the system has Scart assorted available. I know in the case of most Sega, Nintendo and Amiga etc they are readily available. Consoles like the Atari 2600 would still have to be run through a VHS or modded before you could connect up with the scaler.

    Or there is the DIY mod options, Faginrs500 and futurematt5 over on YouTube have modded their CGA to VGA boards. I've seen a couple of resources in the past on how to create one of these leads, but not having much look trying to find one at the moment.

    Anybody got and ideas or schematics? I may bite the bullet and pay for one of these cables but I know in the past there have been cheaper options. The ones you can pick up for a few quid on eBay and Amazon would not be suitable though as they have no sync stripping.

    Help would be much appreciated.
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