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Thread: Cleaning old carts.

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    Default Cleaning old carts.


    I wanted to post this because I have seen many cartridges being sold on ebay, and in new to you stores with permanent marker, and stickers on them, etc...

    I don't know how to clean the contacts or anything but here's what I've found works for cleaning the marker and stickers off.

    For marker and regular staining I use "Mr. Clean Magic Erasers". These work great, just add a little water and give her some elbow grease. Every cart I have is clean and beautiful because of these things. Just don't use them on the front flap of your nes because I started rubbing off the red logo. I don't know how those things work so good.

    For stickers I use a hair dryer. I just turn it on and hold it about an inch away for about 5 seconds moving it around the stickers surface. Try to peel off the sticker. If it doesn't come off easy repeat step 1 and try again. You have to be careful. I melted the front of one of my 360's once when trying to remove the warranty sticker. I've never had that happen with a nes, snes, or master system cart though. I think they are made of a harder plastic, but I also learned my lesson with the xbox.

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    For labels I remove the easy parts and then spray furniture polish on and leave it to soak in for a few minutes, then it usually wipes off.
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    I use rubbing alcohol (70% Isopropyl alcohol) for just about everything. I us it on just about everything for everything. If I can't clean it with that, I just leave it as everything else I've tried to clean things that the alcohol won't, has damaged whatever I'm trying to clean. Permanent marker seems to be the one thing I can't always clean off, it will get most of it, and sometimes take it all off, but on NES and SNES games, it stays on the cart due to the texturing in the plastic. I even use it on labels, as long as they have a glossy layer and only tiny bit of alcohol is used, it doesn't harm the label. And the best part is that its really cheap, a 16 oz bottle lasts a long time, even when slathering it on dirty consoles, only costs a couple dollars. I use it so much that I buy it a half-gallon at a time (two quart bottles at Sam's Club).

    For really bad cartridge contacts, I use a soft pencil eraser. It works great because its just slightly abrasive to clean it, but won't harm the contacts unless you go overboard and scrub them excessively.

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    Default Mr. Clean

    Try the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on the cart's it works great!


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