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Thread: Okamiden - when do you get the celestial brush?

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    Default Okamiden - when do you get the celestial brush?

    I just picked up Okamiden last night for the DS and I am looking forward to playing it. To make sure the game played okay I turned it on and very briefly moved Chiberatsu around the first fight. Looks good and plays good.
    Do you not get the celestial brush till later in the game? I ask because I am wondering if my DS shoulder buttons might be defective. I am also running into weird problems with Atari's Greatest Hits vol 2 and I'm not sure if my shoulder buttons are just acting up (they do work in some games but not others) or if Chiberatsu just doesn't have the celestial brush right away in Okamiden.
    All the stuff I read online says you just hit the right or left shoulder buttons to bring up the brush but when I do that at the beginning of Okamiden nothing happens.
    Is the brush something you attain later on?

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    I'm about 4 hours or something into the PS2 Okami game. I've always wondered what that game would look like on an N64 though, I *almost* got a DS about a week ago, and Okamiden was one of the games I was looking at. :P
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    It definitely looks good, they successfully squeezed an Okami experience onto the DS which is no small feat.

    I will eventually get the celestial brush, right?

    Back on the subject of getting it to run on DS, I figured Okamiden went cutesy in its art design because it's for the DS and the DS audience is very kid-friendly. Part of me was disappointed because I loved the idea of a portable Okami game but I don't want people sitting next to me on the bus wondering why a grown man is playing a puppy game.

    However, I was reading this good interview with one of the developers and he says very technical reasons are behind why they created a puppy character and didn't go with the original adult wolf Amaterasu.

    "In the very very early development stages, when we first ran tests to see if the game would be even feasible to do on the DS, we used Amaterasu as the player character model. What we found out was when the camera zoomed out too much, she was really hard to see due to her ornate design. If we zoomed in too close, Amaterasu would cover too much of the background. We decided to keep the level of zoom but just tone the character model down. As we worked at it, we hit upon the idea of making the character look more childlike."

    Very interesting to see how designers find ways around the limitations of the tech.


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