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Thread: Starting Pool of Radiance From Scratch in 2011

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    I have a complete copy of this game for the C64 that I picked up a few years ago and have not had the C64 hooked up since to try it out.

    Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday is really excellent. Few games let you do your own thing and go anywhere you want to like that this one does. Have no idea how far I was into it at all, or rather what percentage of the missions which could be done had been accomplished when I did finally stop playing it. Reminded me of Star Trek 25th Anniversary for the NES with its' non-linear play approach of skippable missions and apparent multiple path choices to get to the end.

    *cough* My experience with an AMiga was short lived. The computer, and Amiga 2000, belonged to my newly acquired brother-in-law and was left in my care whilst he and my sister were moving around trying to figure out where it was they wanted to live. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Lemmings 2 on it, but one day I was randomly trying out stuff on unmarked floppies, most of which were either blank or business applications, and then... porn. A very high res porn video at that. THinking back on this I'm not even sure how a porn video was able to be compressed onto a floppy disk, but it was... and my mother happened to be in the room at the time... and much to my brother-in-law's lement my mother promptly discarded all of the unmarked diskettes and stuck the computer in the storage building. It was six long years after that before my parents bought an actual IBM compatible PC after that incident transpired... six loooong years of using a C64... Despite how cool it may seem, there was nothing all that cool about still using a C64 as the home pc in 1998 when all your friends had Windows running systems with internet access.
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    Played through most of Pool of Radiance on the c64 back in the day. The load times were killer.

    I loved Buck Rogers on the c64. Was ticked at the time that the sequel did not have a c64 version.

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    Old thread, but I'm just getting to it. BRogers Doomsday and PoRadiance are both on my list of classic games to play before I die . . . . right behind Wasteland

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