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Thread: Retro references - TV's The IT Crowd

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    Default Retro references - TV's The IT Crowd

    During the Xmas holidays my brother brought over some DVDs of "The IT crowd". This is a British sitcom about the IT department of a big corporation. And when I say department I'm talking about a couple of nerds in a basement acting like teenagers.

    The show is good fun bordering between funny and ridiculous with various retro techie references like the Commodore PET constantly resting on a shelf in the background.

    What was really interesting was the artwork for the various DVD menus that's in full 8bit style.

    1. The Opening/Copyright screen is a lookalike of a C64 loading screen.
    2. The Main Menu, judging by the colours and fonts, is similar to the Atari 800XL Options screen.
    3. Another screen copies the classic Elite opening screen with the wire frame spaceship being replaced by a laptop.
    4. The episode selection screen is a real treat. Taking a cue from "Head over Heels" you get to watch a whole sequence set in a classic isometric playing field (see image).

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    Love the IT Crowd! I didn't see the latest season/series but the first one is great... I think theres some old micros in the background on the shelves too if I am not mistaken.

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    There is quite a lot in that set. You can examine it all in detail here:

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