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Thread: Amiga ACA 1230/28 Accelerator card FTW!

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    Default Amiga ACA 1230/28 Accelerator card FTW!

    Evening all :-)

    I tried searching the forums for similar posts but couldn't find any so hope I don't get my balls broken for posting this here ;-)

    Just thought I'd drop a msg here that I have dropped some cash on this to give my Amiga 1200 some retro loving:

    It's a new accelerator card for the Amiga - details at the link above. Looks to be a quality product and doesn't cost silly money as some of the 15 yr old+ cards do on ebay :-/

    Scott, Mike and Mike if this isn't a news item on an upcoming show it may be worth posting this? If you do mention me on the show (it would make my day - yes I'm easily pleased lol!!)

    Can't wait to test this out and report back. I have a compact flash IDE HD ready to roll in my A1200 when this arrives. It would make the Amiga my perfect retro system then as all games can be loaded from the CF card into the RAM disk - especially some of the multi disk games for instant loading from that yummy 64MB of RAM :-)

    All the best and look forward to the next show.


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    Just send it in an email with your link and name to and we will get it mentioned!
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    Morning SubaruBrat,
    Have sent it in to you at the News email as requested. Should provide a shot in the arm for Amiga fans waiting for some new hardware that is actually useful lol ;-)

    Will send in more info when I have received it and given it a good testing :-)


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    Just picked up one of these myself. Should be in the post now. So will update when I have installed it. Apparently a bit of a pain to install with the trapdoor modifications.

    Anyone got any updates on how these perform in comparison with the blizzard cards etc?

    Mainly picked one up to boost up whdload?

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    Hey folks - Firstly apologies for not updating this thread sooner with the relevant info - shit happens and that lol :-)

    So now I've had the ACA1230/28Mhz + 64MB RAM fitted in my A1200 for 6 months what do I think?

    One word - Outstanding :-)

    It was straightforward to setup - cleaning the contacts and installing the driver was slightly awkward but nothing that someone with half a brain cell couldn't follow. The instructions I received from Amiga Kit UK worked well and were clear. Re-learning AmigaDOS commands and using the CLI was much more taxing, trying to remember commands from 12-15 years ago was hard work - Google is your friend for this :-)

    Like nmsis1985 above I wanted this machine primarily setup to play WHDLoad games and AMIGA Scene Demos - for this purpose the card is fantastic. I have read about various problems that people have had with their ACA cards tbh I havn't experienced any - it is well built and reliable (mind you now I've said that I've jinxed it to an early grave now lol!)

    I initially had a 4GB Compact Flash HD installed in my A1200 with the accelerator but have now upgraded to a 8GB compactflash HD which has more than enough space for what I now need.

    The Amiga has problems with large partitions >4gb there is a way round it though with the SFS file system - to install 8GB CFlash HD I followed this guide initially:

    then found this excellent page that helped me finish the job properly:

    These guides helped me to set up a Workbench/DH0 partition of 700MB and 2x partitions of just around 3.5GB.

    There are a few games that don't work when the all accelerator functions are switched on so some playing around with the ACATUNE command line and startup sequence editing is required to get some WHDLoad games to work - these are very few and far between though. Approx 99% of the games and demos I tried worked correctly :-)

    So overall a great new piece of hardware for us Amiga fans - I have no hesitation in giving this product 10/10.

    nmsis1985 - In answer to your Q about performance these new cards have surface mounted RAM (64MB) and various other optimisations from the decades old accelerators for the Amiga - Workbench feels very snappy and responsive and generally the machine kicks some :-)

    I did have a Blizzard 1260 back in the day c.1996 - I sold it a year later as although it was very fast many games/demos didn't like the Motorola 68060, although for stuff like Wordworth, etc it was fantastic.

    So if you're still on the fence about this card (or it's bigger brother - the ACA 1230/42 Mhz) I hope this update has helped you decide to give your Amiga some accelerator lovin' :-)

    All the best RGR - some fantastic shows since I posted this thread :-)
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