Well you might have seen my love for Canabolt reflected in my score on the RGR/Gamegavel Arcade Flash games. It was a nice suprise to see the game in the PSN store and at a bargain price of 1.99p so i bought it and had a play. My first score was a whopping 12,100, just shy of my RGR Arcade score online but this is not because im god at the game but rather the fact that the PS3 version is diferent in several ways which make the game easy to play.

The pattern in the RGR forums arcade is as follows, when you begin the game you can alter the distance between the roof tops by adjusting your speed tactically with he boxes and chairs left on the rooftops, if you hit one box it will slow you down and the distance in the rof tops will reflect your new speed within three roof jumps. with good timing and a tactical approach you can learn how much speed you can loose to make the rooftops easy to jump too. However the game will retaliate by trowing you windows and falling robot parts, so you must balance your speed just right to avoid the game throwing you windows and falling parts and the game becoming so fast that you can no longer play.

The PS3 version has new featurs such as new platforms to jump too, it also has a red indicator in the top right hand corner to alert you to the falling robot pats and finally i find the PS3 pad much more responsive than my laptop keyboard. this makes the game more casual. i would reccomend if you have yet to play the game that you pick this up and have a go. the only shame in the PS3 version is no online score. still we might get that in a future update.

I hope this helps and informs.