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Thread: Vintage Volts Podcast is now released

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    Default Vintage Volts Podcast is now released

    Finally got all the pieces put together (podcast, hosting, RSS feed, etc.) and now the Vintage Volts podcast, Episode 1, has been published.

    The first episode is hardly a studio quality version by any means. But I knew that if I kept trying to make it perfect, I'll never get it published. After a single recording run in my car on the way home, followed by some theme song packaging, I got enough random thoughts out to help define what kind of topics to expect from this podcast series. That was my goal for the first show all along... to simply touch on a few thoughts and ideas and get those memories going.

    Criticism is welcome ( ) and I'm already working on a solid format which I can record in a more quiet environment. You can find the link for the first episode on the Vintage Volts website

    Thanks, and Enjoy!!
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    It's on the phone, will give it a listen in the car tonight.

    *EDIT* Just got back home and (audio quality aside) I'm likin' it so far. It reminds me a lot of The Retrobits Podcast and The Retro Mac Cast in the overall style.
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    Cant wait to check it out!


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