Computer Space actually is true blue Atari. See, Ted and Nolan founded Syzygy together and developed Computer Space. They then registered the company as Atari because the name Syzygy was already registered, yet they wanted to initially retain the Syzygy name recognition. So Pong their second game has Atari on the manual/labels etc. along with the Syzygy name. If you look on the control panel of both games "Syzygy Engineered" appears on them. While Computer Space and Space War are both space themed games where ships shoot at each other there are allot of differences that makes them no more related than Space Duel and Asteroids are to each other. Space War has a gravity well in the center where Computer Space does not, it also has shots that are fire and forget whereas Computer Space allows the player to steer the shot after it is fired. Computer Space also had game controlled UFOs and was single player while Space War was two player with no AI controlled ships. Later the two player Computer Space was created that did allow for a player controlled enemy. Computer Space had on screen scoring and a finite amount of game time to decide who won, Space War was open ended with a "survival time" as a way to rank players which was added later on.

720 was on my short list, I played it again at MAGFEST and it is one that I won't likely own but I will play every time I see one.