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Thread: I need help moving!

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    Default I need help moving!

    Ok, so here's the story. I'm moving to Las Vegas in about a month and a half. I need a good reputable moving company to move me from Pittsburgh. Has anyone made a long distance, cross country move, that used a moving company to move their stuff, and were actually happy with the results?

    I've done the whole Google research thing and apparently there are absolutely NO moving companies that haven't lost something, broken stuff, showed up a week late, or just changed the price when they get there and asked for another grand or two in cash to get your stuff back. Any suggestions, and maybe a good reason story, would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone has had a horrible experience with one of the good ones listed, tell me that too.

    Thanks for any input!
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    I think your initial research is correct, nobody cares as much as you about your own stuff. When we moved to the new house in 05 I wouldn't even consider letting someone move my games and such, I rented the biggest thing shy of needing a CDL and did it all myself with the help of some friends.
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    If it's anything like it is over here, a big rented truck and some mates who have been promised a few beers later, is the most reliable moving service. The movers I used (the first and last) broke an Amstrad CPC Monitor and lost a case full of a Amiga games. Unforgivable.
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