Back in my heyday as primarily a PC gamer (between 1997 and 2003) there was a magazine and a website that I read all the time.....pretty well, these two things had the same support that gamegavel, retrogamingroundup, playthenes, and sega-16 have from me today.

The first was PCXL (PC Accellerator) magazine. A lot of people found the writing sophomoric, but I found the mag highly entertaining, but also gave the hard end result as well. Mike Salmon and Dan Egger were both awesome. I think it only lasted a couple years, and I was so disappointed to see it end. They continued my subscription with PC Gamer. I didn't bother to renew. PC Gamer sucked. They tried to bring back an annual version of PCXL in 2007, but it just wasn't the same. was kinda like PCXL, hell even owned by the same parent company, but in web format. It was kinda like GameSpot used to be, just a comprehensive gaming website, but with a good injection of humor. I don't remember as much about it, even though I used to read it every day after school. The website died in 2001, shut down by its owners.

I've been waiting on someone to release PDF or CBR files of the PCXL mags but have never found them, even on retromags. No one really even remembers it or dailyradar. I hate to see them fade into obscurity, because they were so awesome and such a huge part of my gaming life for two solid years, prolly my happiest time as a PC gamer until I finally gave it up, mostly due to not being able to keep my PC up to the newest standards after getting married and me not liking the newer batches of games. I still load up my faves of old, like Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Diablo 2, Elite Force, Klingon Academy, Red Alert 2, Test Drive 4 and 6, System Shock 2.....really just too many to list. So cool that I still got all my old copies of these games in a giant 250 disc CD book, just wish I had all the old boxes and booklets with them too.