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Thread: I will be reviewing a prototype of the ColecoVision Ultimate SD Cartridge!

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    Default I will be reviewing a prototype of the ColecoVision Ultimate SD Cartridge!

    First, if your wondering "Huh? Why the heck is HE reviewing it?" don't worry I am not offended as I just found out last night and am pretty shocked myself lol! That said, there is some reasoning behind it, if you check out the the ATARIMAX website and go to the USB 128in1 Colecovision Multi Cart page, a little more than half way down the page you will a product reviews section and dead center "MaximumRD Video Review parts #1 & 2".

    I had done that review back on April 28, 2009 merely for my love of Colecovision and because I was so pleased and happy with the original USB Multi-cart. I was not even aware that Mr. Tucker had posted that review, I had sent him the link as a thank you from a very happy customer and though I had done it purely to share the news of this wonderful product with my Youtube subscribers. I was surprised when to see he had posted it but needless to say I was very happy. Last night I received an Email that basically said:

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks again for your great review of the 128-in-1 for the
    ColecoVision. Would you be interested in reviewing a prototype
    version of the Colecovision cartridge described here:

    Thanks! :-)


    A couple Emails were exchanged pretty much immediately after and it is a done deal. Steve will be shipping the prototype version out to me soon.
    Now of course having been given this opportunity by the man himself I want this to be as beneficial to both of us as possible. For me of course it is a cool insight into this upcoming release for my Youtube subscribers as well of course I plan to post the review and all related info in my personal favorite gaming forums (AtariAge/Digital Press/Armchair Arcade etc) as well as others and of course I would be happy and grateful should any of you just happen to mention it around, post the link, spread the news.

    Most importantly in return I WANT YOU to post in here and ask me whatever is on your mind regarding this item.

    For the record I plan a simple yet detailed no nonsense look at this item. I want to make the most out of this for both me, Steve and all my viewers so your feedback, questions and comments are welcomed and encouraged.

    I will follow up here and elsewhere, I have not even received the item yet and I am already planning out everything so that I can do the best job I am capable of, I do not want to disappoint anyone so please get your questions in now. THANKS!

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    Uh, what is this thing in plain simple English. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhalamar View Post
    Uh, what is this thing in plain simple English. :P
    HEH! It is basicly a Colecovision cartridge with an SD card slot, you drop Colecovision compatible ROMS on the SD card, stick into the cartridge and turn on your Colecovision. You are presented with an on screen menu, select your game and it load/plays just like the original cartridge on your original hardware.

    The original version had no SD card slot but instead connected to your PC and using software you transferred up to 127 roms to the cart which then pretty much acted like the above.

    In short you can have pretty much the entire Colecovision library including Demos, Unreleased and Proto types in a single cartridge saving space as well as not wearing down your original Colecovision cartridge slot (Colecovision hardware is not the most robust) and it is more convenient. Hope that answers your question.

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    Bump---------just in case someone might actually be interested........


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