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Thread: Some new NBA Jam screenshots.

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    Default Some new NBA Jam screenshots.

    Just click right here and you can read the guy's great first impressions of the game and check out the damned impressive screenshots.

    Me personally, I'm not getting my hopes up. And what makes it worse is that it's on the Wii. Where there aren't any demos. And where the downloads are tied to the SYSTEM and not an account. So if you for whatever reason have to get another system, you've gotta buy the games again.

    I'm REALLY hoping EA Sports gets smart and releases this thing for XBLA, PSN or the PC.
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    Oh man if this is as awesome as they're hyping it to be, I might actually use my Wii.
    I used to love NBA JAM! I hope they keep in the big head mode.

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    By what I've seen it has original NBA Jam quality all over it. I hope it turns out that way. I loved the first two NBA Jam games and it's about time this game had a worthy remake to it again.

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