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    Wink Dreaming Like A Gamer

    DLaG is my family of gaming multimedia. It started as a Blog which is the main hub of where everything will be. Once i get moved and settled i will be starting up a podcast addition that will be talk on a single subject in gaming similar to my DLaG Column. I will also be using YouTube and much more to add video reviews of classic games and pickup vids for my collection. Very similar stuff to a lot of the YouTube Game collector community which i have been apart of for quite a while.

    My other new project in the same family of sites and stuff is Gamers Hospital which is going to be a researched and educated database of repairs, mods, and cleaning tips for all major gaming consoles and handhelds. The blog front end for that can be found here. There is a lot of misinformation out there so i figured i would build a site around tried and true methods of repair and cleaning to keep these classic games working for as long as possible.

    Basically links to everything i mentioned along with anything else i do can be found at . That is my homepage hub site.

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    Cool stuff. I like the idea you have for Gamers Hospital.


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