I'm playing it right now, and this really is an incredible remake of the game. They made an already gorgeous looking game look even better, it plays silky smooth with the 360 controller and no more of those horrid frame rate drops that were present in the N64 version. It's all at 60 fps.

Worth every penny of the 800 MS Space Bucks it costs. KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM!ing incredible.

If I could fault it for anything, though it does have control setups that are good for the Halo and Call of Duty kids ... I jacked up the sensitivity of the analog sticks ALL THE WAY and it still doesn't seem quite fast enough. But that's my fault with ANY game using the controller. You just aren't going to beat mouse aiming with analogs. Ever.

But still, this is awesome. :)

Sure you could just play it on the N64, but you aren't going to have the Goldeneye maps in it and you aren't going to be able to play it online. So, yeah.