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    Hello all. Some of you may know us from our TV or radio show. For those who have never heard of us, we are Video Masters TV and Video Masters Radio. Both shows cover areas; Television, Video Games, and Movies.

    The radio show is more of an extended version of the TV show, with longer
    commentaries about important subjects in today's media. It also features video game music remixes, television themes, and other special features that wouldn't fit into a television format. The show can be found here.

    Our TV show, which has been running since 1995 covers video game reviews, as well as looks at TV shows, and movies, both popular and obscure, classic and modern. The TV show is hosted by many different hosts from different parts of the US, from Portland OR to New Castle, VA, even the Netherlands.

    The TV show can be found at:

    We also have a Youtube page specifically for trailers and video clips from select episodes. Just click here.

    Feedback is, of course, welcome. Both good and bad (trust me, we've heard it all).

    Thanks, and enjoy the shows.

    John R. Gibson

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    There's a new episode of Video Masters TV out folks!

    WE'RE BACK!!

    Our first episode of the new year brings us reviews to R-Type Final on
    the Playstation 2, and Penguin Land for the Sega Master System. We'll
    also have special guest, Chuck Van Pelt of Recycled Gamer visit John
    Hancock, and check out his massive video game collection.

    Heads up to Sega Master System fans, this month I do mini reviews of two games from the little system that could.
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    You guys have to see the latest episode of VMTV! An interview with John St. John Duke Nukem himself in bed with host of VMTV John Gibson. This has to be the funniest interview I have ever watched! The interview with Wes Johnson also is not to be missed. Keep up the great work guys and I was wondering did Duke have the common courtesy to give you a reach around? LOL.

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    HAHAHAHAHA, no reach around, Indie. He was, however, surprisingly comfortable with the idea of doing the interview in bed. And man, all those funny, awkward moments. Even the ones we didn't air were funny, and so very wrong. LOL

    Fun fact: Jon St. John's father called not once, but twice, during the interview. Jon just ignored the calls, but that was funny, nevertheless.

    "Dad! I'm in bed with another man, ok?!"

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    Here is a trailer for the interview.
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