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Thread: Hey! I made a game for arcade cabinets!

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    Default Hey! I made a game for arcade cabinets!

    Hey all!

    This is my first post. I love the podcast, and can listen to every episode
    several times

    Some time ago I started making a game with the idea of running it on
    a cabinet...that means, a PC-based cabinet with a horizontal monitor
    with 8-way joysticks and two buttons per player. I think the nickname
    is 'mame cabinets'

    I've used the same buttons as mame, so it'll run on a IPAC or encoder
    right away. The game is made with attention to 320x240 and 640x480

    I've thought many times that it was strange that noone has done this
    before. I mean, making a game without all the 'exit to windows' etc. I
    wanted it to be seamless.

    The game is inspired by Infogrames' North & South, which I loved back in
    the day...well, at least the good parts. ALso, I was inspired by seeing
    the game Hat Trick being played at parties in my house. So simple, but
    so much fun and screaming.

    It's a very simple game, and might not be worth your while. But I did
    spend many hours making it.

    By the way, playing it 2-player on the PC with a keyboard is impossible
    Also, there is NO AI in the game

    The game should run on any windows, doesn't need to be installed
    (run from .exe) and have fast battles. Download it here:


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    Sounds good, I played North and South but I would always pick something else up first.

    I had a friend that loved it though, and played it all the time.
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