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Thread: The Pandora is getting close to release.

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    Default The Pandora is getting close to release.

    Check out this site :

    This is what really got me excited though :

    I have one on preorder and i have been waiting since sept '08, and to think that it will not be long before i get to play N64 games on a hand held and mame and loads of other stuff.

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    That is amazing! Where did you order yours from and how much was it?

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    At the moment they are going to be shipping the first batch (for the people that pre ordered there pandora's) but they are saying there is going to be a second batch. if you check out there forums at :

    sometimes people want a refund for some reason or another and then a pandora becomes available. or wait untill for the second batch. The pandora cost me (including p+p) 207.20 GBP. A bit pricey ? yes, but from what i have seen, and if it does exactly what they say it does, then it is going to be easily worth that money.

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    i just found this, if you are interested :

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    $330, yea they are definently proud of it. Maybe the price will drop once they have been out for a bit.

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    perhaps. once i get my pandora, i will right a full review here. there is going to be an online dragonball z game for it, and playstation one emulator as well, i think Craigx mentioned at some point about creating an app store for it. Personally, i would love to see a version of daphne laserdisc emulator running on it. .

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    Awesome. I plan on buying one after the preorder batch and. Hoping gp2xstore sells em here in a few months, or even better, make em available here on gamegavel!

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    i think they will probably sell them from, or from the offical page you could contact craigx directly (, i will be giving a full review when i first get the pandora, for Initial first impressions, and then i will do another review a few months down the line when i have played with it a bit , i have to say right now i am very excited about getting my pandora it has been a LONNNNNNNNNNGGGGG wait! lol
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    I'm one of those people waiting well over a year for this thing to ship to me. I'll believe it when it actually is in my hands. While a lot of the luster has been lost based on the long wait and the obvious lies (intentional or otherwise), I'm still hopeful it will be something special.

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    Have you been keeping up with Craig on twitter (, do you know where you are on the queue? i emailed them a little while ago and they told me i am between 350-450 in the queue so i am certainly going to get one this time around. I know recently they have had a lot of trouble with the company that made the cases, but apparently the cases are worth the wait. I think it will be something special especially when the Pandora gets into the hands of "us lot" let the homebrew begin . If i get my Pandora before you get yours let me know if there is something you want me to try out on it . Just checked and Michael Weston has arrived in the Uk ( and so it begins.......

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