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Thread: Hello, my name is Gordon Bennett

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    Default Hello, my name is Gordon Bennett

    Hello everyone, let me introduce myself a bit here.

    I am Gordon Bennett, as you have surely learned from the title. I live in Edinburgh, recently moved from London to study a postgraduate course in film production.

    But enough about my life, let me tell you about my *gaming* life.

    I am primarily a computer game gamer. While it wasn't my first machine, the Commodore 64 is probably the one that most clearly defined me as a gamer. From there, I moved to the Amiga and eventually to the PC.

    I never did stick with just the one compluter platform. I discovered emulation quite early on, with a Spectrum BASIC emulator for the C64 in 1986, and later ST and Macintosh emulation on my beloved Amiga A500 - I always thought of it as a fantastic way to expand the potential library of games available to me.

    My taste in games is, to say the least, unusual. If it's odd, experimental, or just plain weird, I will like it. Even when it is terrible. I like the odds and ends, the misfits, the iconoclasts of the gaming world. The titles that I cherish the most really are like nothing else.

    Of course, I never was one to neglect the console side of the gaming world. I suppose I am a bit of a Sega fan - not on purpose, mind you. I had a moment where I looked over the array of consoles in front of my television and discovered that I had a decade of Sega products plugged in, and realised there was a pattern there.

    I was also quite, quite fond of the 3DO. It suited my bizarre tastes well. I still have a great fondness for that era, the early 90s multimedia era, when CD-ROM was new and exciting, and no one quite knew what to do with all of the new space. Digital sound, interactive movies,encyclopaedias and libraries on your computer - glorious.

    Well, that is me. I hope to enjoy some good conversation here, particularly as I have never personally met anyone who shares my passion for the expressive potential of digital and interactive media - I hope to discover new titles through you, and if I can I hope to share the wonder and the joy of some of the unusual and obscure productions close to my heart.

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    Hey Gordon,

    Cool and thanks listening to the show and also for joining our forums. They are starting to grow nicely and it helps to have participation from our members. Look forward to getting to know ya better.

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    Welcome Gordon, I was searching youtube for a clip of Lorraine Chase sayin "Gordon Bennett" but couldn't find one.

    I don't give up that easy though.
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