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Thread: The CrapMAME in Mexico Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerky View Post
    Your exact description was classic--The North Korean Sh!tcade. There should be a website that showcases sh!tcades. Sh!

    Thanks for the softball
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    There's no CrapMAME thread so maybe I'll post it here...

    I was listening to Live News and heard about this aberration... I had to stop the show and see it for myself...

    Just... wow.

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    Saw a crapmame in Monterrey Mexico during my last trip a few weeks ago. Check it out here:

    I initially thought it was one of those Japanese rhythm games with all the buttons, but I think it was in fact some sort of piss-poor whack-a-mole clone.

    Doesn't it remind you of that North Korea arcade?

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    If you look at the tree behind the crapmame, the guy sitting at the tree looks somewhat like Bill Loguidice.
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