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Thread: GP2X Wiz

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    the replacement does look bad, i heard they will be using an analog stick on it to, it is a shame gamepark cannot get it together and try and bring out a device to challenge the Pandora.

    I agree with you Miner, it is a pain to try and surf the net on a small screen, but you would not use it to long, but hey, i use my iphone to accasionally check out the net (emails that sort of thing). I have a laptop for real surfing, the way i see it is the Pandora had to have wifi, i think it was there intention to have online gaming, and maybe the internet is just an extra.

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    Pictures of screen probs:

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

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    whoa!, those are some nasty pixels, do they appear on the games as well?, as they look abit like dead or stuck pixels.
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    i found this on the forum, but no solution, just other people with the same problem :

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