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Thread: Top 10s I'd like to hear

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    Default Top 10s I'd like to hear

    Top 10 multiplayer games.
    3+ players at same time.
    Mario cart, TMNT, Gauntlet, Rampage, The Simpson’s, X Men, M.U.L.E , Daytona USA etc.

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    Piff Merkin Guest


    Top 10 handheld RPGs.

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    I don't think this one has been done yet.
    How about a "Top Ten Games Previously Voted Out"?
    I suppose this might involve reading over the lists in prior episodes, which none of you might have time for, between building airplanes and missile launchers, editing the show, getting a new house sorted, and committing sex pestery.

    The "pro" side is that it would give previously booted games another chance at being argued onto a proper list, especially considering the different dynamic between the current hosts vs. the original three, and the different tastes in games that entails.

    I've searched to make sure there hasn't been such a topic in the past, although I'd like to think that I'd remember, if there were. I'm on my fourth listen through all of the episodes, beginning with that opening statement in Episode 1 that I first heard in 2009: "My name is Scott, and I live in an arcade."

    My RGR friends who I've never actually met in person have kept me company through a lot of ups and downs over the years, including slightly nerve-wracking changes in environment, changes in profession, etc. Regardless of what's going on, or how much lonely confidence I'm called upon to summon, I can tune in, and there's good ol' Retro-Gaming Roundup, reliable as the moon, to make everything seem okay, and remind me to apply a healthy sense of humor to the harder bits of life.

    So while it might be corny in the context of the show's usual atmosphere, I might as well use this as an opportunity to once again THANK YOU all for what's now over twelve years of entertainment, education and insight. It's easy to take certain things for granted and forget to express gratitude, and I'd rather not make that mistake.

    Fuck me, I've written a novel. This was just supposed to be an idea for a top ten. Well, there you go. Thanks again!

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    Hey Chris, thank you for the kind sentiments and glad to hear you're still out there.

    We did actually do that top then in 2014 so it may be one we revisit in the future.

    If we do it often enough we could do a Top Ten Outs from Top Ten Outs.

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    Oops. Well, cool -- thanks for the link!

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way, Mike!!

    (I'm pretty sure it's around now, anyway.)


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