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Thread: Sango Fighter released as freeware!

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    Exclamation Sango Fighter released as freeware!

    Hello, everyone.

    As of June 18, 2009, I am happy to announce that both the English and Chinese editions of the PC fighting game, Sango Fighter, are now available for free download directly from the website! This, following Super Fighter Team's acquisition of full legal rights to Sango Fighter, as well as three others from Panda Entertainment's back catalog, on February 24, 2009.

    Many of you should be aware of Sango Fighter, which was one of Taiwan's most popular fighting games of all time. Focusing on the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China, its plot revolves around Liu Pei and his generals as they attempt to stop the efforts of Tsau Tsau. It's a wonderful game that offers infinite replayability.

    The story of our newest acquisition is rather interesting, and it involved a lot of work: Over a five year period, I spent much time doing research about and communication with former employees of Panda Entertainment. It turns out that the rights to the company's games had been sold to another company, but no one could remember the name of their president. After doing some more digging I discovered his name and current place of business, and contacted him directly. Following some negotiation I was able to acquire what I had set out to acquire: full legal rights to half of Panda Entertainment's back catalog. This includes the following games: Crazy Dodgeball, Sango Fighter, Sango Fighter 2, Tough Guy. Each of these games were originally released on the PC (DOS) platform, and the original Sango Fighter was also ported to the Super A'can.

    Since each of these games were developed by Jon Cheng, who also developed our namesake Super Fighter, and since Sango Fighter has had a special place in my heart since childhood, the realization of uniting both games under our company name is a dream come true.

    I invite you all to visit the official Sango Fighter website to download and enjoy this game for free, as well as read the story and character biographies which have been translated into English.

    Thank-you for your attention. Have a nice day.
    - Brandon Cobb
    President, Super Fighter Team
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    Very cool, Brandon. I will certainly be checking it out. I will also mention this in our RetroGamingRoundup News in July.

    Thanks for posting here for our members to see.

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