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  • Journey - Arcade

    0 0%
  • M*U*L*E - C64

    0 0%
  • After Burner - Amiga

    0 0%
  • Tomb Raider - Playstation

    2 8.00%
  • Tetris - Game Boy

    1 4.00%
  • Jet Set Willy - C64

    0 0%
  • Moon Patrol - Arcade

    2 8.00%
  • Super Mario Bros. - NES

    10 40.00%
  • Monty on the Run - C64

    3 12.00%
  • Out Run - Arcade

    6 24.00%
  • Space Invaders - Arcade

    1 4.00%
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Thread: 3/09 Top-10 Best Video Gaming Theme Music

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    Default 3/09 Top-10 Best Video Gaming Theme Music

    Here are our Top-12 Picks (well, top 11 as two of us picked SMB) for best video gaming theme music. Find out which one was ousted and hear our Top-10 in order when our March 2009 episode hits the airwaves later this month.

    Vote for your favorite ! And let us know if we were way off base with any of our picks.

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    How could Monty on the Run not be #1? It completely changed the role of sound in games from bleeps and bloops with the occasional tune to proper game soundtracks.

    I can't think of anything that was so new and mindblowing at its time. Maybe Turrican II on the Amiga, but even then it wasn't nearly as dramatic a change from what we had come to expect.

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    You've missed off some classic retro tunes:
    -Gods - Amiga/PC
    -Monkey Island - Amiga/PC
    -Space Quest - PC
    -Leisure Suit Larry - PC
    -Lost Eden - PC
    -Basketball Nightmare - Sega Master System (Check out the reverb)
    -Moonwalker - Arcade

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    All freakshows aside, Moonwalker was a great game with cutting edge graphics and the sound was just as impressive. You could hear it booming through the arcade; MOONWALKER.
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    I guess this shows the generation I came from, but I am SHOCKED that there is not a single SNES game here. Nintendo put a grossly overpowered for the time sound chip in the SNES, and it showed in MANY titles. Just google the name Nobuo Uematsu and listen to some of his work in Final Fantasy 6 (or 3 here in North America). Or, for what I feel is the best music in the 16 bit era, check out Yasunori Mitsuda and his work in Chrono Trigger.

    Another shocker was NO SUNSOFT 8 BIT TUNES????Sunsofts work on the 8-bit NES and its audio chip was outright amazing for the system. Go listen to the music in Blaster Master, Batman, Gremlins 2, Journey to Silius, Festers Quest, Batman: Return of the Joker, or ANY other game they put out on the NES. Even if the game was shoddy, in the case of Festers Quest, the music was always outstanding in ANY Sunsoft 8 bit game, with my personal favorite being Journey to Silius. PLEASE guys, at least listen to a few of these as consideration for honorable mentions.,

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    Only just listened to this this morning, and now this afternoon at work i keep finding that I've been whilsting/humming Splash Wave for god knows how long.

    Im surprised noones grumbled yet as i know there's a few people sick of hearing it after working on it.

    Hmmm, might stay a little while after work and switch the Outrun2 SP cab back on, might be the only cure


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