Ok, so I am basically looking at new venues in order to find work.

Long story short, I have a Bachelor's Degree in General Biology, Highschool Teachers Certification, and a few computer certifications, there being:

APS – HP Commercial Desktops, Workstations and Notebooks

There have managed me to land some computer jobs, but unfortunately all have been out of the area.

I am currently studying for the Linux+ test, mainly for two reasons: I want to polish myself at Linux and I want to have that certification, because I've noticed that, at least around here, plenty of companies are asking for Linux Administrators with the Linux+ certification (heck, with no previous experience required even!).

I was thinking that after that, I would pursue the Server+ as well as MCSA certifications.

Those who work in the computer industry...what do you guys recommend? No, going back to college is not what I am after, because at this point in time, I simply cannot. Heck, I even thought about a Masters in Educational Technology or Perhaps Computing Education, but money is a factor.

Besides, if an employer thinks I cannot do the job even though I know everything, for the sole reason that I don't have experience, I simply say "Let me prove how WRONG you really are" and then I begin doing so. Hey, it has worked!

Which certifications should I pursue? Why? How come? Any food involved?