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Thread: BigBox Computer Repair does it again!

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    Default BigBox Computer Repair does it again!

    A customer of mine who had brought in their computer to me a while back came back again today, and boy this is a great story.

    The laptop they have is under warranty from Best Buy and they decided to use it. When they got it back, there were NONE of their installed programs on it, including all the security I put on, so it was loaded with trojans and viruses and associated damage. They don't have the greatest of internet service, so the servers are not as protected as they could be.

    I charge them $75, and they were happy as hell for what I did for them.

    BB took off the freeware security because they stated it was not in their warranty and had to take it off-- as they reformatted and reinstalled, along with SP3 and all ITS problems.

    BB gives me business, and I love them for that. Also cheap blank CD-R's. Most of the time anyway.

    Days like this are what working on computers is all about.
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    I've had customers give me their computers after places like CompUSA (the old version) and Best Buy could not "repair" or failed to.

    And I'm cheap too. Last time I charged $65 to reinstall the OS and all drivers, create a restore CD for the customer, AND backup all their data onto 7 DVD-R's. At first they were a little apprehensive, since they thought it was expensive...but when the customer went to Best Buy, she came back almost running to me asking me to repair. Found out later on they were charging her NEARLY $400 FOR THE SAME THING!

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    I charge about that, too and have had people run back to me as well. I have one of those appointments tomorrow, too if all goes right. Thanks Best Buy!
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    I remember when I worked briefly at CompUSA here in PR (before Tiger Direct).

    A reinstall of the OS was what... $80?

    Insane prices! Yet I wonder why people pay that much in the first place?


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