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Thread: E3 2010, my thoughts

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    Default E3 2010, my thoughts

    Alright, so I watched the big three conferences. My thoughts...

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    My favorite conference was Nintendo's. They didn't show as many games as Sony, but had a lot of titles I actually want to play. The one that interested me the most was Kirby Epic Yarn. Damn, that game looks fun to play. I also had goosebumps when I saw Donkey Kong Country Returns. I am a huge fan of this game as I played and completed 100% the previous SNES titles. I don't agree with what others say about DK Country. I loved the games, loved the rendered graphics.

    Goldeneye 007 was the sore point for me, Oh my God, they actually think we are interested in playing a FPS with N64 graphics again? It was abhorrent.

    Nothing on the DS interests me anymore, they only showed a couple of games, none of which did anything for me.

    Initially, i wasn't excited about the 3DS, when I saw pictures of it online I thought "Damn, another DS iteration"; but once I saw the conference I am more confident. We still don't know how advanced the hardware is inside and what will be the selling price, both aspects which will be the selling point for me.

    The Wii was the same old Wii... Standard Def graphics, but super fun games. I like how they focused on hardcore games and not casual crap for grandmas. No Wii Vitality Sensor and nothing Wii Balance Board related was WIN.

    And man, I'll say it again. Reggie is the best presenter in the history of E3. He's so good at it. It's captivating.

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    Second for me was Sony's. Tons of games presented, a lot of which I'm interested in playing. I'm just sad that they only had small 5 seconds clips for each of them.

    Kevin Butler killed me, it was like watching stand-up. Hella fun. Only a few seconds of Hirai which was good, and Jack Tretton is the same ass-boring dude, but at least he is humble, which is cool.

    PS Move was great. It clearly kills the Wii in any title that would be released in both platform. PS Move makes the better Tiger Woods, the better Boxing game; any game where you use motion to do stuff, PS Move is better, thanks to the one-to-one accuracy. Still, I wouldn't play SOCOM standing like a dork pretending to aim at people. Not for me. Give me a Dualshock and a couch, I'm good.

    On the PSP, lots of games, but not too many I wanna play. I'm sad there were no PSP2 announcements.

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    Finally, Microsoft. What a lame conference that was. I realize I don't think I care for Kinetic at all! it's the same casual bullsh¡t that I've been trying to avoid on the Nintendo side.

    Don Mattrick was painful to watch. I was feeling bad for the guy; nothing he said generated sincere applause. he had to resort to "buying" the crowd with a free Xbox. How pathetic.

    I didn't see any exclusive games on the 360 that interested me. None.

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    So, the games I'm most interested in:

    Gran Turismo 5
    Batman: Arkham Asylum II
    The Last Guardian
    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    Mortal Kombat
    Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
    Metal Gear Solid Rising
    Child of Eden
    echochrome II
    Hard Corps: Uprising
    Gundemonium Collection
    Heroes on the Move (working title)
    inFamous 2
    Killzone 3
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
    The Sly Collection

    The 3rd Birthday

    Donkey Kong Country Returns
    Epic Mickey
    EA Sports NBA Jam
    Mario Sports Mix
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Kid Icarus Uprising
    Mario Kart
    Paper Mario
    Resident Evil Revelations

    Mafia II
    Medal of Honor
    Dead Space 2

    Xbox 360
    Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

    Final thought... The Nintendo 3DS (which is why I created this thread in this area )

    You know, the more I read about the 3DS, the more I want to forget about the scammy Nintendo practices of re-releasing handhelds with minor upgrades... I feel like back in 2004, when the Nintendo DS was about to come out.

    I am truly excited about the 3DS, I've gathered so many positive experiences from people that played with it at E3, the large number of great games that are going to come out for it...

    I don't know that I'm going to be lining up on Day 1 to buy it, but I know I'm going to have to own one at some point.

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    I haven't sat and watched the presentations yet but I will and everywhere I am reading that Nintendo had the better showing, not that I'm surprised by that.

    The 3DS sounds interesting but seriously, after the crappy games that have been shovelled onto the DS range and the Wii so far, I would never buy one on release day and would wait to see the quality of games before upgrading my DS Lite.

    Nintendo have won this gen hands down, but jesus they have put some crap out and that has ruined my experience largely.

    I upgraded from a DS phat to a DS Lite (who didn't) but none of the more recent DS "upgrades" have interested me until the 3DS but my money is staying in my pocketuntil it has proven itself.

    As for the Wii ...... oh yeah, I still have one of those. Wonder what games I have for it.

    @Flare, if you're waiting for PSP2 they tried it with the PSPGo. It failed miserably and predictably.
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    Personally, I thought Sony had the best showing (just look at the list of games you're interested in by platform), but Nintendo's was decent as well. Definitely interested in seeing the 3DS in person. Kirby's Epic Yarn really did look cool, but I just wasn't that excited about any of Nintendo's other games. Sony showed a lot of stuff I might actually buy, if I had a PS3.
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    Golden Sun
    Dragon Quest IX
    Kid Icarus
    Castlevania (both)
    Last Guardian
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    I'm on the road this week with lousy slow Wi-Fi, so I wish I could watch the press conferences (that'll be my evening tomorrow when home). From reading all the info though, here are my thoughts:

    M$: Kinetic is an expensive looser. I know the official price tag isn't announced, but the major retailers are already pegging it at $150. To me that price point equals DOA. Sure, they'll sell some with the 360 slim bundles, but with no critical mass I don't see developers doing anything with it. Why create titles for a tiny splintered peice of the market? I'm interested to play MG Rising, but there wasn't much else announced I care for. I'll still be playing 360 the most though, as it's the system all my friends have. On that front M$ has done a great job a keeping me busy chasing silly acheivements with buddies.

    Nintendo: 3DS is a winner. Nintendo is a master of this game of incremental upgrades, and as a owner of an original DS fat for all this time, I will be ready to upgrade... when I can get a 3DS XL. I'm feeling too old for tiny screens, come on Nintendo just give me the larger version at launch. As for Wii, nothing revolutionary. The titles will be good, and I will still wait until they are old and cheap to play. I've yet to even pick up New SMB or Zelda: Twiligh Princess. Maybe if Nintendo stuck an online rewards system on the Wii I would be forced to play it more to help the aforementioned friends chase silly points.

    Sony: So... Move, huh. At least the price point is better than Kinetic. With what I have read so far none of the games seem to capture my attention. Maybe after I get to watch them. I predict the PS3 will remain my favorite home media player and occasional game machine. If the new PSN+ would give me access to all the JP PSN store games, I would subscribe, otherwise I didn't get a decent enough idea of what on earth they are really charging for.

    So much for my thoughts, maybe I'll feel different tomorrow.
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