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    What happened to VMTV?

    I know some of you followed Video Masters TV for a long time (Thank you so much for that). We had wrapped up Season 11 last June, and I was excited to do a Season 12. I actually bought a Nintendo...
  2. Tried to make a video game console at age 13.

    Hey. Wasn't sure where this would be more appropriate, so feel free to bump it or whatever.

    Having my Youtube "Recommended Viewing" show a lot of Coleco Chameleon" videos, I remembered that, at...
  3. Gaming Under the Stairs- Retro Gaming Animated Pilot

    Hey everyone,

    It's been ages since I've been here, sorry guys. Rest assured, I'm always lurking in the shadows, and chuckle at any jabs directed at the Coleco Chameleon (a story for another time,...
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    The New Video Masters

    hello everyone,

    You may remember me from VMTV. Well, I've started a new series which is a "what if" take on my old shows that did 20 years ago.
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    HAHAHAHAHA, no reach around, Indie. He was,...

    HAHAHAHAHA, no reach around, Indie. He was, however, surprisingly comfortable with the idea of doing the interview in bed. And man, all those funny, awkward moments. Even the ones we didn't air were...
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    I would love to go, I want to go so bad. As it...

    I would love to go, I want to go so bad. As it is, I just recently became unemployed, but still have a bit of money coming in weekly, not enough to plan a trip to Vegas.

    However, I'd have no...
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    Hey guys, Just listened to a chunk of the...

    Hey guys,

    Just listened to a chunk of the episode on a train ride (yes, I listen to the show in chunks to and from work). Thanks for plugging VMTV. It's difficult not to smile, or laugh happily...
  8. Article: Video Masters TV- Season 5, Episode 1- August, 2010

    You can view the page at
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    Video Masters TV & Radio

    Hello all. Some of you may know us from our TV or radio show. For those who have never heard of us, we are Video Masters TV and Video Masters Radio. Both shows cover areas; Television, Video Games,...
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