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Sports Games Not For Real Gamers?

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I was just perusing through some other forums, YouTube, and other various "Gamer" related websites/blogs and I have really started getting frustrated with hearing "Sports games suck" or "Only casual gamers play sports games" It seems gamers now days have this mindset that anyone who plays sports games (i.e. NCAA Football 2010, NHL 2010, ect.) is not a gamer or is only a casual gamer. Now it dosent bother me if people play a game or two of Madden or if there doing 17 hour raids agienst the horde in World Of Warcraft you do whats fun to you.

Just to break it down for the people that rebel agienst these sports games if you really get in depth and look at how the game is played, sports games are more or less a strategy games (Or for football it could be like war in a sense). With Madden being the biggest I will use this as an example. If I am on offence with little time left and still a big number of yards to go, im going to pass the ball downfeild and try to get out of bounds to stop the play clock. You as a defence will try and pick a solid pass coverage and mabey play your two deep men in a wide zone so I cant stop the clock by running out of bounds. It may seem brainless, but for anyone who plays these games online know that its among the most competitive gaming around, easly comparing to the likes of Call Of Duty 4 and Gears of War. Also if you are an active online sports gamer you get to know some of the players in the lobbies (Which there are LOTS), form friendships, rivalies, and enemies. Just like in the two such games stated above. I know its breif and dosent hold many examples or break down specifics but all in all if you play alot of sports games like me and you play them as competitivly as I do (Like I said there are alot of real competitive sports gamers online for all 3 systems) whats the difference between a Call Of Duty 4 player and a Madden 2010 player besides the game there playing?

Just another quickie for the people thats say "Sports Games Suck" get over yourselves. EA Sports isnt one of the most respected and financially fit compinies in the world for no reason. Its because people buy and enjoy there games. The Madden series is the 7th best sold franchise of all-time so how does it make sense saying it sucks?

Im not sure if any of ^^^THIS^^^ article makes any sense but its someting I had to get off my chest. We are all video game fans, some sports more than others and we should all support our hobby regardless of casual or hardcore.

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  1. Dhalamar's Avatar
    Sports games suck!!!

    Well, okay. Except for the occasional golf game (I personally play Tiger Woods Online heh) and NBA Jam. Oh, and NFL Blitz was alright for the few times I play it in the arcade.

    And Bases Loaded 2, and ... uh ... The Bigs 1 and 2.

    Could never get into football games all that much though. Personally I think it's boring. The only reason I have any football games on the original Xbox is because the lady I bought the system off of some years back wouldn't let me NOT take them. :P Or maybe it's just simulation style sports games I'm not all that crazy about. I try to play Madden or MLB : The Show and it's just so PAINFULLY boring. But I can play something like Blitz and The Bigs and have a blast.

    And sometimes I'll get the older NBA Live games, or some kinda older version of Madden just to see how the series has progressed over the years. But I never actually PLAY them for more than a couple of minutes.

    Come to think of it, I hate Call of Duty 4 as well. hrmm ...
  2. GivenTheOkieDoke's Avatar
    Yeah im not just a sports gamer. But Tiger Woods, College Football, and NHL are my main 3 games. Or at least for these next gen systems. I find it HARD to go back and play the retro sports games though. With a few exceptions from Bases Loaded like you said and older golf/hockey.Out of the arcade style sports games I have played the only one I really enjoyed is Wayne Gretzky's 3D hockey for the N64.

    An aside I never mentioned in the article and just though off, also it may support my "Sports gamers are not hardcore" argument. What about racing games? Wouldnt games like Grand Prix legends and GTR2 be known as hardcore games?
  3. Dhalamar's Avatar
    I see those as being simulation style sports games myself. Therefore, boring. heh
  4. Dhalamar's Avatar
    I just got MVP Baseball 2004 for the PC earlier today!

    Does that count? :P

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