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Alexandre Guimond

Castlevania Harmony of Despair moar like Monster Hunter.

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It seems like Konami is aiming for a solid digital line-up this year. Maybe Japanese developers (at least Konami) have discovered the power of online distribution in North America. It’s hard enough for a Japanese developer to step on the Western market, and claim a decent share.

Koji Igarashi has finally went the Monster Hunter way. His new exclusive Castlevania game for the XBOX360 will be a welcoming change, to the side-scrolling goodness of his sweetheart series. Castlevania Harmony of Despair will be the first game in the franchise to use a full-ledged 6 player co-op mode, and it will also feature a relatively new take on Dracula’s castle-crawling.

The new Castlevania will have brand new key features, which will undeniably accentuate multiplayer play, as well as a new combo system, that will boost up melee combat. The more I look at Harmony of Despair, the more I feel like this game could have the potential to become one of my favorite games this year.

From the press release Konami published a few days ago, the 2D side-scrolling goodness of Castlevania is back in force, but above all, will deliver on many aspects fans have been asking, for many years. The series hasn’t been rightfully represented for some years, unless of course you count the amazing Order of Ecclesia on DS. Castlevania Judgment tried to do something different for the franchise but didn’t achieve as well as Igarashi might have hoped.

That is why Harmony of Despair is getting back to its roots (a growing trend, amongst classic video game franchises) and display beautiful 2D sprites in the glorious Symphony of the Night art-style. The classic linear story will be replaced by dungeons, where players will be able to do speed-runs and collect items to boost up their armors and weapons. Bosses look plentiful from the preview , huge is some cases. The game foreshadows epic boss battles that require cooperative play, and group tactics. Needless to say, the game looks exactly like a glorified version of Monster Hunter, in 2d.

You’ll be exploring several of the DS Castlevania worlds, (Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia), you’ll be able to play your favorite characters from each games; Alucard, Shaona and many more will be available in the original version. There are plans for downloadable content, that will include both levels and character add-ons to expand the game’s lifespan.

Harmony of Despair is a title to look forward to, the game is set to be released during the “Summer of Arcade” sale on XBLA by the end of August.

Alexandre Guimond
Assistant Editor

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