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3-D Gaming: Really the way of the future?

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In the late seventies and early eighties, the world of cinema entered a world of three dimensions. Thankfully, that window was closed quickly, and the fad ended. Fast forward to 2009. Avatar comes out with a huge amount of buzz (and mediocre script) and the 3-D craze sweeps the nation. Every major motion picture (and even some minor) are now given the option to put on the glasses and get shit shoved in your face.

This E3 has shown us that 3D is obviously an up and coming trend that many publishers and developers believe to be the "next big thing." But is it? I'm casting my vote as extremely doubtful at best. Not only is it incredibly segregating to much of the gamer population, considering a large number of players wear corrective lenses, but it's just unhealthy and irritating.

Watching a movie in 3D may seem similar to playing a game in the same fashion but it's far from it. Where with a movie you're looking at the screen for two to three hours, hardcore gamers have been known to go for as long as, oh I don't know, well over 24 hours. This just isn't going to work with 3D. Studies have already shown that too much 3D causes irritation, blurry vision and exhaustion. Imagine being closer to the television, for a longer amount of time, and what a strange scene to be seen. A large crowd of people playing multiplayer, cheering, yelling, wearing strange super square rimmed glasses.

Batman gave me a headache playing it for more than hour. Killzone will do the same thing. Ninja Gaiden...that would kill me.


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