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Top 5 Fighting Franchises of All Time

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Ah, the fighting genre. There have been many fond memories mashing the buttons on the controller to beat my friends. From hadoukens to metor smashes, countless hours and a crazy amount of controllers have been used to destroy one another. I seriously have broke so many Gamecube controllers playing Super Smash Brothers. Here is my take on the top 5 fighting franchises of all time.

5. Super Smash Brothers

The best fighter on any Nintendo platform! Where could you take Mario, Link, and Samus and have an all out brawl? Only on one game! Controls for the characters are real tight and perfect for a fighting game. With a legendary roster and great controls, Smash Brothers is a definite play for any Nintendo fan.

Favorite game in series: Super Smash Brothers Melee

4. Killer Instinct

The bastard child of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. It was great game because of its precision and ridiculous amounts of combos in the game. I still remember being comboed out in one round being hit for 80+ times. Taking the fatalities from the Mortal Kombat series, the gore and special finishers made the game highly additive and very fun to play. This demon spawn of a game is still fun today so long as you don’t have a doucebag brother like mine who could kill me then make me dance…what a douce…

Favorite game in series: Killer Instinct (Arcade)

3. Mortal Kombat

The legendary comedy/gore fighter of the 90s. Mortal Kombat will always be remembered for the comedy and gore that it brought to the gamers for the first time. Vicious finishers dubbed “fatalities” is one of the best features of the game. I will never forget learning how to baby fatality a person. What rush of enjoy it was to embarrass my doucebag brother when we brought MK II. Sweet revenge! With a sweet finisher system and funny dark humor, MK is one of the most entertaining fighters out there.

Favorite game in series: Mortal Kombat II

2. Super Street Fighter

The first true precision fighter for its time. It was one of the first fighters to truly bring an immersive fighting scheme to the scene. Street Fighter has been legendary for having the tightest control layout, the most accurate move set, and ease execution. Combos are not by number but by connection. One of the most demanding fighters of all time.

Favorite game in series: Super Street Fighter 2

1. Marvel vs. Capcom

The king of all fighters. What more can you say about this game? The best roster in all fighting game history? One of the best control lay ups next to street fighter? I will always remember wasting quarters playing MvC and trying to impress the ladies with my infinite iron man combo (did not work…)

Favorite game in series: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Infinte Combos Baby:

Bob Vu/Jacing It Up Writer

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  1. Dhalamar's Avatar
    For the record, Mortal Kombat ceased to be interesting starting with MK3 ... with the exception of Shaolin Monks, but that's not a fighting game. That's a beat 'em up. :P
  2. BydoEmpire73's Avatar
    Pretty good list, but I'd have to put Street Fighter series #1. Also I think a couple of 3D franchises deserve to be on the list:

    Marvel vs. Capcom - great games to be sure, but as a franchise it's just a spinoff from SF and doesn't have *that* many games in it.
    Killer Instinct - I love the games, but there weren't that many. The franchise died pretty early

    5) Super Smash Bros - unique oddball fighter that sold a bajillion copies on each platform it touched.
    4) Virtua Fighter - Long running, ground-breaking 3d fighter. Lots of quality games
    3) Mortal Kombat - I agree w/ Dhalamar, it kind of died after 3, but Armageddon was pretty good and the new one looks promising.
    2) Soul Calibur - debut was stunning, and has had many successful iterations. More fun for me than VF, so edges it out slightly.
    1) Street Fighter - the one and only, true King.
  3. Jacing It Up's Avatar
    I do feel that you are correct on MvC bein a spinoff of SF but the game has come to be its on thing. It was a hard decision but I feel that the success of MvC and quality of the franchise beats SF for the number one spot.
  4. BydoEmpire73's Avatar
    I can't say I'm a huge fan of MvC, but I *AM* a huge fan of Capcom vs. SNK. That game on the Dreamcast was amazing (despite the god-awful DC dpad). The "vs" series as a whole has been really good.

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