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DocUmentary: Visual Brain Food. Episode 7: Tetris - From UK Mike with love.

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This Special edition of DocUmentary is going to focus on the recent ‘Stalking The Retro’ Podcast interview with Retro Gaming Roundup host UK Mike. Here we will look at both films mentioned In the podcast with an additional feature I will call Extensive Reading – this will be links to more than just the film but people of interest in both films for further research and reading. Tetris is highly addictive and this episode of DocUmentary should be very informative.

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From Russia with Love (Produced by the BBC)

I have seen this in depth BBC film once before and watching it a second time has given me a better insight into how Tetris came to be in the hands of Nintendo and go on to make the Nintendo Gameboy on of the bet selling handhelds of all time. The film will speak for itself, rather than game play this focuses on the game development and a little history of the inventor of Tetris. Not much to say on this film other than the BBC does a good job with the material they have collected.

Watch this film and share it.

Want to watch it?
You can see the full film here for FREE

Want to read about it?

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Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters

Recently I downloaded the latest episode of 'Stalking The Retro Podcast' and got to re-hear the interview with 'Retro Gaming Roundup' Host UK Mike, in said interview UK Mike speaks about two documentaries and this is one of them. The film looks new, is addictive and exciting. For the first time ever we get to see some world records broken on video and some of the oldest names in Tetris competitions come back to fight it off in the first ever worldwide Tetris Championship. Twin Galaxies are heavily mentioned and relied upon for details on records but unlike the film ‘King of Kong’ we are not subjected to far to much screen time with Walter Day or any of Billy Mitchell's strange and often annoying friends. Instead we get a light hearted and at times intense film concerning Tetris and the people who are now better known for being real Masters of the game. I will always recommend that you watch and share the documentaries I share with you but on this occasion I will go one step further and urge you to do the same as myself and BUY the movie from the official website. They have a digital package for $9.99c which includes additional features and unseen interviews that I intend to enjoy once I get my wages and buy this movie.

Watch this film, share it and why not buy it too. 

Want to watch it?
I found this film online from a strange streaming site, I did get to see the film but I also got a virus 
The film developers do offer a Youtube link (Below) on the official website however I am told I am not allowed the content because I’m in the UK – maybe American readers can watch this film for FREE HERE?

Want to read about it? (Extended reading included)

As always the Wiki page is here

Hear the original UK Mike interview here

Visit the original film page

Buy the digital version of the film including additional features for $9.99c here

Twin Galaxies USA Tetris (NES Version) High-scores

Twin Galaxies UK Tetris (NES Version) Highscores

Watch Harry Hong (World Tetris Champion) in his original video beat the game with 999,999 pts

Thor Aackerlund Wiki Page

Watch Thor Aackerlund’s original video scoring 999,999 pts and reaching level 30 kill screen.

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  1. scrappysphinx's Avatar
    Looking forward to trying these out. Thanks
  2. Diagamblic's Avatar
    There was a great bit of story behind Nintendo gaining the rights to Tetris in the book "Game Over" by David Sheff. Worth a read! It's pretty cheap on Amazon UK.
  3. Vipp's Avatar
    It's on my 'To Buy' list, thanks buddy!

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