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Time to grab those future Wii rarities I think

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I think I'm one of a small handful of people who have not stopped gaming on the Wii at any point in the last few years. There's been a pile of games released that interst me between Wiiware, Virtual Console, and retail, and it seems like almost no one else noticed them. As a result, I'm thinking collctors should really be grabbing up some of this stuff (that I'm buying just because I'm still playing).

If anyone doesn't know the Operation Rainfall story, go do a Google on it. In any case, all three of the games that fans requested NOA regionalize have now been released or confirmed. I got Xenoblade Chronicles (with reversable cover art which I like) and The Last Story (in the cool, book-like collectors box) last year when they came out. Now, Pandora's Tower is confirmed for this Spring. Xenoblade was released exclusively through EB/Gamestop and Nintendo's website, XSeed (the niche publisher) released the Last Story and will release Pandora's Tower. If late release JRPG games for a system with a small customer base, released from a niche publisher or one retailer aren't future collectibles, I don't know what is.

I also picked up the North American version of Pikmin 2 for Wii last year, but that was instantly made a "Nintendo Select" so I am thinking with a $19.99 price point, that one will likely still end up being pretty common.

Additionally, Wal-Mart (at least here) has Sin and Punishment: Star Successor marked down to $10 these days, and I'd think that might end up fairly rare, so I figure collectors might want to pick it up for $10 now and not $100 down the road.

This is the first generation where I've started to think about future collectability while there was still time to pick stuff up cheap and easily.

I just wish I knew if legit VC and WiiWare games will ever be able to be viewed as seperate from emulation or pirated versions. There's a bunch of odd stuff in there that I've gotten lately too, but I doubt it is in any way a future collectable. There's the Genesis SF2 that released last year with the online support still in there from that weird modem thing that worked with the original release(XBand was it?); so, you can play SF2 online now from emulation of a Genesis game that was originally online. After much trouble, La Mulana (think Montezuma's Revenge) finally got out on WiiWare in late 2012. And Neo Geo games are still releasing on there every second or third week. If those things were physical releases, they'd have to eventually be worth something. I'm pretty sure I'm one of a small handful of people who know about them, let alone who bought them.

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