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The Secret RGR Conspiracy

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Hello fellow RGR members it's me again your intrepid reporter Indieseoul. I was the one that broke the story of the Great 3DS conspiracy. Here is the video if you have forgotten.

This latest conspiracy clearly threatens our very sanity. I don't have to worry about my sanity however. I'm locked away in my secret underground lair complete with moat and electrified fences. There are alligators with laser guns in the moat as well so don't even try to swim across it.

Also I'm currently wearing my tinfoil hat that blocks mind readers and government satellites from interrupting my thoughts. Of course I'm also taking large amounts of psychedelic drugs. (Doctor's orders.) This latest conspiracy concerns a very important member of the Retro Gaming Round up crew. New imagined evidence has come to light that is definitive proof that one of the members of this podcast isn't who he says he is.

The voices in my head are telling me it is the truth so I must listen to them as always. Well except for the one that tells me I'm insane. That voice is clearly bat shit crazy. Halloween is right around the corner and this new revelation is sure to be the most frightening thing that you have ever seen.

So without further ado here is a trailer for my new film. Young children are advised not to watch unless you want them to wet their beds.

I will not be convinced that Scott is not Alex Jones until I see them in the same room together. That is the only way that this conspiracy can be proven wrong.

Muha ha muha ha ha..... cough......

Sometimes the things that scare us the most are the things that are true.

Just messing with ya Scott. Happy Halloween RGR crew and all of the great people that I have met on this site. Oh and fuck Wiki leaks and nut jobs like Alex Jones. :P

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  1. Mr Johnson's Avatar
    Love this!

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