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The Summer Lull

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June. For many, it's a wonderful time, a time of vacations and no homework, beaches and slumber parties. For gamers it's many of these things as well but it's also the beginning of a slump. Summer is notorious for being incredibly slow in the way of games hitting the market. We get E3 to pump us up about all of these games that come out...WHAT?! WHEN!? Next fucking year? Oh god. Well what do I do now. Guess I'll go buy some new games. What's new? Transformers? Okay, that's not terrible. Crackdown 2? Promising but most likely short. What else? Oh...nothing.

This, however, isn't necessarily a terrible thing. At first we may bitch and moan about how we have nothing to play but then it's just a matter of looking at our back catalog. We have a ton of games from the beginning of the year that we haven't even played through. So now we have months of time to catch up on our games. Glorious! Months and hundreds of hours to catch up so that when the Christmas pile on shadows on our wallets we can hold our heads high with our high achievement scores and trophies.

It's just something I wanted to point out. Enjoy gamers. I'll (hopefully) be blogging soon with some reviews!


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  1. GameGavel's Avatar
    This is true. I have to catch up on tons of games before I can even think of buying anything new. And there are plenty of new games that I need to get like Uncharted 2 & SM Galaxy 2. But need to finish the first two games before I even get to those. So I have plenty to play while waiting for the holiday blast.
  2. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    I know my summer is going to be eaten alive by APB, and StarCraft 2.

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