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How FMV killed the Video Game Star.

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The 3DO is one of the most beleaguered consoles in video game history. Sure the Phillips CDI is hated even more but still the 3DO is considered one of the "fails" of console gaming. Lets look at the reasons why this console failed to ignite the imaginations and wallets of consumers.

First of all the price. The 3DO came out at the introductory price of $699.95. Did you just shit your pants a little? Yes so did consumers way back in 1993 when the 3DO was released. Using the Consumer Price index that translates to about 1000 smackaroos in today's money. Could you imagine your parents dishing out that much money back then so that you could play a video game? Imagine how many hours of minimum wage hell it would have taken for your younger self to buy the 3DO.

Why should you hate the Phillips CD-I more? Well because it came out at 700 dollars way back in 1991 and the games for it were mostly edutainment titles. Yeah edu-macation is for losers! Also what a creepy fucking commercial!

Really what the hell were these guys thinking?
What they were thinking: They were thinking mind blowing graphics!

The 90's were all about graphics. Genesis did what Nintendo didn't or something along those lines.
They were thinking that FMV games would become the wave of the future. They weren't the only ones the Sega CD also premiered at CES in 1992 and it was all about full motion video.

There is nothing like an angry black dude to scare you into the next level!

Everybody was doing FMV games back then and very sadly it never caught on. It did of course help grab the ire of politicians and forced the game industry to begin to regulate itself. Fuck you Tipper Gore!!!!

So why did video games get a rating system? Well because they were becoming too REAL. Yeah thank you 3DO Real player. You just had to taunt congress didn't you? Why must you be so REAL? Interesting fact the 3DO created it's own rating system before the ESRB

So why is the 3DO a console worth my consideration? Well because it is shunned by collectors and can be picked up for a song. It also has some very interesting games that cannot be found on other systems.

Pros: It is cheap to acquire now.
There were some great games produced for it.
You get to see Mark Hammil sell his soul in the game Wing
Commander III.
Need for Speed was on it need I say more?
You can burn your own games for it with a CD writer.
It looks so mother fucking 90's!

Cons: The games themselves are as expensive as the console.
The CD reader will fail on you at some point.
It doesn't have a large library of games like the PSone.
The controller needs more fucking buttons. I mean come on
why do I need to buy a fight stick just to begin to play SF2 turbo?

So yes FMV killed the video game star. Will FMV games ever see a comeback?

What are your thoughts on FMV games. Which ones did you like or hate or not give a shit about? Would you like to see them make a comeback?

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    Good stuff. Thanks for posting. I have added to our GG facebook page too! Thanks and keep your blogs coming.

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