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The Original Gameboy and Green Screen Nostalgia.

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Retro game nostalgia has to be one of the most powerful emotions there is for a 36 year old gamer. I remember playing my Gameboy in the back seat of the family car on long road trips across the country or just on a quick trip to the mall. Trying to get the sunlight to catch on the screen just right and fiddling with the contrast control so that I wouldn't miss any of the action on screen. It really felt like I had a portable Nintendo in my hand. Sure the graphics were difficult to see through all that green soup but it didn't stop me from loving every minute of it.

Here in Korea retro games and systems are rare. Saying that I managed to find an original Gameboy yesterday. I went to visit a little retro shop but it was closed so I went to the main game shop area instead. I always ask them when I see an old system if it's for sale because most of the time they won't sell their old systems. They always say that they are for display only. This time the guy gave me a price which was actually reasonable. About 20 U.S. dollars for an original Gameboy in decent condition. It has a few scratches around the screen but none on the viewing area.

He also had some boxed pirate carts for about 25 bucks but I passed since they only worked half the time when I tested them. They were the standard 50 in one carts and I might go back and pick one up just for fun.

I also picked up Tetris DX, sadly no original Tetris to be found. For me the original Gameboy Tetris will always be my favorite but this one will have to do until I find a copy. My wife loved it at first sight, promptly stole it from me and played Tetris for three hours. She doesn't like video games but Tetris is one of those gateway games.

They had newer Gameboys but I just love that fat form factor and green screen.
It seems that some video game vendors here finally understand that there are foreigners that still love the old retro games and systems. Koreans don't have that nostalgic feeling because when the original Gameboy came out very few people could afford to buy one. Even those that could afford one usually didn't because at the time of it's release Japan was still a very hated enemy in most people's minds. These days Japan is still the enemy for most Koreans but the younger generation has learned that you can still hate Japan but buy their products anyway.

Riding on the subway I can see a dramatic change from just a few years ago. These days everyone seems to have a PSP or a Nintendo DS in front of their face gaming away or watching DMB TV. It's a really exciting thing to see and I hope that the retro feeling will finally reach a future generation of Korean gamers.

For me I hope that wonderful nostalgic feeling never dies and that I will continue to appreciate it my entire life.

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  1. SepticLemon's Avatar
    Heh, nice article.

    The GameBoy was my first "real" console. Before that I had a Commodore 64, and I had two friends, one with a BBC Micro, and the other with a ZX Spectrum. I decided to ask for a GameBoy on the Christmas of 1990 because my Family would go back and forth between military bases and I would get caught up, so to kill the boring 1-2 hour road trips, the GameBoy was simply the greatest thing I ever heard of; so I got it, and hey presto, Super Mario Land was mine, and I loved it so much! I don't care if Super Mario Land wasn't designed or directed by Shigeru Miyamoto, the game was still great and the music to boot!

    Awesome Stuff Indie!
  2. indieseoul's Avatar
    Thanks Septic. Please skype me again we need to do another Stalking the Retro podcast. Since Dhalamar is taking so long to do the Wasted seconds we might as well try to fill the gap with our nonsense. If anyone wants to join my podcast please skype me at indieseoul. Anybody at all is welcome to join in. If you have a voice and a mic then you qualify to talk about necrophilia and retro gaming. Check out the listener media section for the Stalking the retro podcast and prepare to be offended.

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