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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: A promising preview

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I love fighting games, yeah I said it. I love games where the only objective is to beat the other person into the ground in a simulated street fight of sorts. Well, that’s the nice way to put it. What usually ends up happening is a friend and I mash on buttons and shout obscenities at each other until someone’s health bar falls below zero and the other one laughs in a proud triumph (The alternate ending to the scenario actually also includes having one less friend at the end). But putting all that aside, notice how I said I love fighting games but never said I was good at them. I have a weird relationship with fighting games. They inspire me to persevere and become a better gamer, but they also kick my butt until I wanna chuck my controller against a wall, set my console on fire, and throw the remains to the hungry wolves I keep in my basement. Ok so that last part isn’t true, but that’s only because wolves are high maintenance. It’s because of this love-hate feeling I have that one of my favorite fighting series is the Marvel Vs. Capcom games, soon to be a trilogy. These games, on the surface are fun, energetic, memorable, and somewhat seizure inducing. They also have a level of depth to them. If I wanted to I could mash buttons all day and feel like a pro; I could also sit down and actually learn how to play the game. Regardless of how dedicated I am to it, I can always have fun with the MvC series, and I am so stoked for the release of a new game.

After sooooooooo (is that enough zeros?) many years without a follow up to one of the greatest fighting games of all time it’s finally coming. Did you know that actual copies of MvC 2 run for about $100 in some game stores and more than that online? It’s ridiculous trying to get your hands on one, this is just an example of how well received the game is. But enough about that lets look forward! So far we have trailers, a couple trailers; the newest one can be seen at and is long enough to knock the wind out of me for a minute because I’m just so excited. It opens with Ryu fighting Wolverine on a rooftop in the rain. Another scene has Deadpool in a direct shoot out bar fight with Dante from Devil May Cry. Hold on one sec while I check outside to make sure I’m at home and not in crazy awesome dreams come true land.

Seriously this game looks great and it’s following in a long tradition of greatness. I didn’t get to go to E3 this year, or ever for that matter, but I did read a few testimonials stating that the demos are enough to get most people excited about it. All the one button glory of the series has been kept intact and the style feels even more fluid and responsive as it ever did. The format is as it was in MvC2, a three character tag match with switching readily available and overlapping combos. Apparently the characters have been tweaked a bit for balance purposes, such as Wolverine moving a bit slower or Iron Man’s blast power being reduced, but apparently none of it really life changing. The graphic style is very reminiscent of Street Fighter IV and I dig that a lot. The fluidity and color of those graphics makes everything so much more fun to follow.

I think that from what I’ve seen this is a formula that not only has stood the test of a good amount of time but is going to enter the market at exactly that right time. These two things I think are going to make the release of this game even bigger and more anticipated. So coming from someone who hasn’t actually played it yet, just worshiping from afar, I’m putting my stamp on this game. Can’t wait to see where its gonna go and I will be following it very closely until it comes out in the spring of 2011.

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    Yeah ... I needed to change jeans after seeing the screenshots and whatnot of this. Just sayin'

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