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My dsi xl

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I bought the dsi when that was released as an upgrade to the ds lite. The dsi never impressed me to be honest as the slightly larger screens didnt to much to impress me. Having owned the dsi for a couple of months i learned the dsi xl was on the way and i thought wow. I then sold my dsi and hang on for when the dsi xl was to be released but i lost interest as i ended up with a ps3 slim instead.

On the same day as getting my 3ds i bought a dsi xl to play the old ds games on a flash card and for obvious other reasons

I can honestly say the dsi xl is the best handheld nintendo have pumped out. The screens are the right size, feels nice to hold and feels the most well built out of the systems.

Having the bigger screens just makes playing games more enjoyable and involved. I will go out on a limb and say that i enjoy playing this system more than the 3ds at the moment. I am 99% sure that nintendo will be doing something of this size for the 3ds maybe 1/2 years knowing their determination to keep the ds alive.
If the 3ds had the dsi xl size screens i would have paid £50 more for the device as i think it would be a better experience.

The dsi xl also contiunes what i think is the most important feature of a console today and thats online game play. The friend code system is a bit of a pain but once setup it works well, guess nintendo have fixed this on the 3ds as its only one code per system for all titles.

The battery life has lasted me about 15hrs on brightness 2 level which has lived upto to claims which is fantastic.

To conclude i think this is the overlooked gem of the ds family as i think it just was filler for dsi to 3ds.

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  1. GameGavel's Avatar
    Interesting take. I will probably pick one up eventually. My billfold is smoking today from the 3DS launch
  2. seanyboyuk's Avatar
    Yes you will enjoy the 3ds but dont get too high expectations.

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