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My 3ds review

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Hello all,

Quite some time since ive been on the forums, ive been busy with many things.

On Friday i got my 3ds in black with pilot wings, pro evo 2011 and rayman 3d.

The system:
My first impressions of the 3ds system itself are 50/50. It currently feels like a half finished product in terms of features. Out of the box i was expecting online play with at least pro evo out of the titles i purchased. I am dissapointed to find this isnt the case, instead nintendo are promoting this street pass system which i guess is trying to promote the gaming get together groups idea. Fine but what if you cant find anybody near you to play against? The ds is getting old now and surely it should have online play right out of the box but i guess Nintendo are saving this for future titles. I will be pissed if mario kart 3ds does not have it or it will be a major mistake.

The 3d itself is great when it works. I have to fiddle around with the slider and position the screen to get a good angle but once found its great. Its unfortunate it cant be for all games, each game seems to have a different viewing angle which can be a pain. I also wished the screens could have been slightly bigger too as i think it would enhance it further but then again i bet a 3ds xl will be in the pipeline soon. Also wheres the web browser?! i hope to god they get flash when its released as the 3ds is quite a powerful system so it should be able to handle flash videos, mainly youtube.

The console feels solid indeed but would be scared to drop it as it has a smash to pieces feel, i also purchased one of them see through plastic cases to protect it further and also a carry case.

Its nice it comes with a 2gb sd card and docking station. About time nintendo start packing extras. The unit works with all existing dsi and dsi xl chargers so no need to go out buying new ones.

Many people are complaining about the battery life. Its fully loaded with tech so its going to be short for sure, i guess nintendo again will put on sale a higher capacity battery to satisfy people. I dont have problems with this as i always have a usb charger, mains and car charger on hand or close by.

The games:
Pilotwings. Not played about with this much yet seems fun but seems like a gimmick title to be honest. Could have been a pack in game i think.

Pro evo 2011. Football in 3d, good controls but lacks online play as stated earlier is a dissapointment.

Rayman. Same rayman game that keeps getting re-released! Luckily i have never played more than the 1s level on this game on other systems so the 3d has got me into this game to see it through to the end but come on!!! new system new games!!! not remakes!!

I had my eyes on street fighter but my opinion that belongs on a proper console using a proper control pad, end of. Ridge racer, again a recycled game, boring!
All the other titles didnt appeal to me as they dont seem to offer something new.

I think nintendo have slightly missed the ball on the 3ds launch with not pushing out a killer title such as mario etc. I am looking forward to the new mario game and mario kart of most along with metal gear solid but zelda, another step back and doing a remake of orcarina of time! Its a good game yes but time we need a new zelda but yet again i bet nintendo are working on this too.

Anything you want to know just ask....

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  1. lestat1uk's Avatar
    Hi, i bought Street Fighter IV and i really am enjoying the game, i have it so anyone onlihe can challenge me during a normal game, i tend to play street fighter with the 3d off, as pulling off some of the moves on street fighter you lose "the sweet spot" and the screen goes a bit blurry at a vital moment. I also bought Ridge Racer, yes it is a recycled games, but it really is superb in 3d, myself and a workmate play against each other during break at work, very enjoyable, no online play which is a bit of a let down. One of the things i liked about it is the sense of depth, also leaves or confetti, or water will hit the windscreen and just looks really good. i also bought Pilot wings. I want to buy more games but there really is not that much about, but may is suppose to be a good month for 3ds with 3dsware going online, and more games. I have to say i am looking forward to playing mario, zelda etc, but also Cave Story 3d wahey!!!!

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