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Android App for RGR

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I have so many awesome sound bytes that I have decided to make a second soundboard app. The first one will stay the way it is now with the top tens and a few extra funny sound clips. The second version will be nothing but funny sound clips from the show. The reason that I am not putting them all in the same app is that the app inventor software only allows a maximum of 10mbs for each app. The second app will have the same functionality as the first. You will still be able to download the podcast and browse the show notes from your phone. The second app shouldn't take long to make I have gotten pretty good at using the program. If you have any app suggestions please let me know. Happy gaming!!

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  1. TheAlien's Avatar
    Where is it?
  2. indieseoul's Avatar
    The second app will be delayed. I'm off to travel in SE Asia for a month. But you can get the first one here:
  3. Leathco's Avatar
    I just downloaded the apps. This may be a dumb question, but how do I load them onto my phone. I own a Samsung Intercept running Android 2.2

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