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Nate Nickels

Gamer Gear: SNES mouse returns?

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Crazy add-on devices keep on flooding the Wii system. So what is next for the humble white system? Udraw Studio is the next of these money grabbing gimmicks. Developed by Pipeworks Software and published by THQ UDraw Studio has a street price of $69.99. What at first appears nothing more than a mouse and pad for your Wii it does have some interesting features.
The marketing clearly looks like something that Disney would pop out of its cave. You get a mouse pad and pen feeling a lot like the SNES mouse/pad setup. Your Wii remote sits inside the slot on top of the pad and you connect the stylus to the pad as well. Aimed at a slightly less developed demographic of citizens namely kids uDraw Studio not only simplifies drawing but also spelling with that name; UDraw.

Check out this epic fail of a heavily tattooed representative trying to sell us on the idea.

For the price it really does not look like gamers get much out of the product. There are also two other budget games being released alongside the launch of this title and they are Pictionary and Dood’s Big Adventure which appear to be little more than tech demos. After you create your magical painting in uDraw Studio you can take it with you via the SD card slot on the Wii. It does not look like it captures the charm of the original SNES mouse, there is no music game and you can’t swat flies. If you are interested Udraw Studio is currently available only for the Wii and is out in stores now.

You might also be interested to know that you can purchase pencils and paper at most stores around the world for around $2.50 and get the same great drawing experience.

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  1. Dhalamar's Avatar
    The damn thing is monstrous. Another Wii toy that I probably won't ever use. lol

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