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Nate Nickels

Gamer Gear: The gift of sight.

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What do you do if you have every gaming peripheral, device and game under the sun? What else can you possibly buy that could further affect your gaming experience and take it to the next level? Aside from a smell-o-vision TV not much else could dazzle you as much as a component cable can. This often over-looked item is the center of attention on this edition of Gamer Gear: The gift of sight.

I still remember back when I first got my first component cable for the original Xbox. It was like an over dramatic soap opera or something that Oprah should be talking about. Hooking up a component cable to your gaming rig is like opening the flood gates to something new. As if you were blind your whole life. Not only are the blocky, muddy textures sharper but also text in EA games is legible. Component cables truly saved my life.


For the layman the deal with component cables is that it splits the video signal up into its native signal that being red, green and blue. There is a whole science involved in how color is transferred from your console to your TV and back to your small pointy eyes. Let’s save the school lesson because most of you still have that volcano you still need to make for the science fair in two days. All you need to know is that a component cable is better than your sorry ass standard definition cable. You don’t need to know why, you don’t need to care, you just need to get one. After you get a nice, shiny, made in China cable you will be praising the day you got it. You will jump with joy as you brag on the Game Gavel forums. You might be called a noob and a geek but those words can’t take away from the mind-blowing graphics you are about to enjoy.


This is where things start to get scary so if you can’t handle the cold hard facts then please shut the fridge known as Gaming Goodness behind you and go enjoy blurry games for the rest of your life. The old saying, “you get what you paid for,” really does apply to buying a component cable. I can’t stress how important it is to buy a quality cable. I might not recommend the highest of the highest quality I mean you are not Julia Child but you need something that can cut the butter.

I learned this fact about component cables the hard way, I bought a cable for my Wii off the internet for get this $2.00! That is an incredible price considering the Nintendo brand cable costs $35! I was so happy and excited to get it in the mail that I felt like I was cheating. Shortly thereafter I got a package with a name of a seller that I could not pronounce and a cable that was to be my key to seeing what the Wii could do. The Wii does have good graphics contrary to what many might say. I hooked up my cable and was delighted to see the amazing colors and how sharp the graphics and text were. Everything was so bright and jumped off the screen. It really was like night and day looking at my Wii, and it made me want to put in all my Wii games to see what I had been missing. I enjoyed a few days of gaming bliss until the cable started to fail. It failed faster than the economy ever did. I soon got wavy lines through my screen as if somebody was trying to change the channel. I might have been able to deal with the static but then the cable started to just lose signal. My joyful happiness soon turned in to despair and displeasure as I came to the hard fact of life that there is a reason why the official brand cable costs $35.

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t buy off brand cables. If anything you should at least buy the console brand’s cable and move up from there. Monster cable makes a great cable but you really need a great TV to see the benefits from that. For most who hardly know what LCD stands for the console brand cable will be more than enough to brag to friends about how amazing your games look.

EA in particular has specialized in making super small fonts that only those with a 60 foot plus size screen can read. Regardless, if you only have a standard definition TV with no component cables you need to think about upgrading your TV.

With the PS3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles it’s almost virtually impossible to play games without this cable. My experience has mostly been with the 360 and I have noticed that without a component cable I am lucky to get past a start menu. The Wii’s video output on the other hand is only 480p (progressive), which is standard definition so when you hook up the component cable you will get brighter and easier to read text. More importantly the PS3 and 360 which are HD consoles really shine with the component cables.

It might seem confusing on what the cables really do, but you should check into getting one. It’s time for some homework. Go to your TV now and check the back to see if you have a component input. It’s easy to spot there should be a red, blue and green RCA input along with two audio inputs. If you don’t have this then you wasted like 7 minutes reading this and need to buy a new TV. If you do have this then it’s time to whip out that plastic because its cable buying time.


This has been Gamer Gear, we hope that you enjoyed the article and please participate in the forum post linking to this article which can be found here. Game Gavel always has new content everyday so check back often and please sign up for the auction site where you can get some great holiday gifts and a great price.

By: Nathaniel Nickels

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