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Aliens Vs Predator Review

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Greater minds than I are probably in charge of answering questions like...

“Should we reboot Alien Vs Predator?”

So I want to form this review as a series of questions to the person or persons who decided the answer to that question should be a resounding “Yes.”

Question 1.
Who thought it was a good idea to get rid of crouching?

This was the first question that popped into my mind. It's not like they are living in some dystopian future where all their kneecaps have been rendered useless. I see other people crouching throughout the damn game, so why the hell can't I? I can even count how many times in the Marine campaign this would have proven useful, but then I can't fathom how they would get rid of crouching for the other two races. It's disturbing that such an obvious thing could be left out of any modern day first person shooter, but it's made even worse by the implications of cover that the game gives you. Glimpses into opportunities to hide behind objects for sweet sweet salvation from an untimely bullet laden death if you will. But alas, you will die. And you will die often, cheaply, and unfairly. All because someone made an executive decision to get rid of the ability to kneel down slightly on your legs. Nice.

Question 2.
What's the deal with The Predator Jump?

Why does the Predator have to be in a certain spot to jump like a Predator? One sequence in particular requires the Predator to clear a swampy area laden with Marines, there are trees almost everywhere, but because of the pathetic jump mechanic you can't move and shake like a Predator. You don't get the sense of agility that the last game provided when it comes to the controls, instead you get a Predator that controls like some crazy as shit Gorilla. If you do this again, and I hope to God you don't... I would suggest that you let The Predator jump from wherever the hell he damn well pleases.

Question 3.
Why did you make melee almost useless?

I guess somewhere along the line it could seem like a good idea, and really cool and innovative to have a strong and light attack, and block mechanics in a first person shooter. But if you're going to commit yourself to something like that, then you should make it actually serve a purpose. As it stands, the way it works is like this... you can hit an enemy with a light or strong melee attack with any character, and you can block. If an enemy is blocking then you will need to hit an enemy with a strong attack to break the block, but the issue with that is that it takes almost a full second to wind up a strong melee attack. This opens a window of opportunity to get punched right in the face by your opponent who has simply decided since you're busy winding up, he's just going to stop blocking long enough to slap you. This is so infuriating that I can't even put it into proper words. In multiplayer it is even worse. Players know of the mechanic, and will essentially bait people into winding up for a strong attack, and switch it up with a claw to the jugular. It works so well that it's considered melee trolling. Just think about that. The melee mechanic is so bad, that there is now a term for the ease of exploiting it. I guess on that note, AvP has created some kind of weird sub culture unto itself. Kudos?

Question 4.
Why didn't I like this game more?

I don't expect anyone who was responsible for fielding the other questions to answer this one, instead I'll take a shot at it. I didn't like this game more, because there's not much more here to like. In fact this game sort of sat on my Steam list forgotten for a month or two after we got it. The lackluster opening on it's own was almost enough to make me shrug indifferently and play something else, but eventually I came back to the game, and wiped it out. And then still, another month went by before I remembered I needed to write about it. I know this is a punishing review but, I really can't sugar coat anything that's on display here. Everything that this game offered me was inconsistent, and forgettable which leads me to my last question...

Did you even play the first two games?

Alien Vs Predator was developed by Rebellion Studios, and published by Sega
It is available now for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360

Steve Sawyer
Editor in Chief

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